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Let's Find Your Dream Home

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Let's Find Your Dream Home

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Let's Find Your Dream House!


    We identify some of your ideal properties through a quick Buyer Survey and begin the search for market matches that fit your desired criteria.


    Less is more? More or less, the challenge is finding a home that not only meets your needs now, but fulfills other desires of the future while considering the “have-to’s” of today.


    Our trusted financing professionals can work with you to find the perfect loan program to maximize your borrowing capabilities and secure the lowest market rate at the time of your purchase.


    Great, you landed that new job out of town…now what? You’ll need someone who has your interests in mind every step of the way!


    Winding streets, urban settings, or wide open spaces? You have an ideal location for your next home and we have the tools to guide you in pinpointing your desired destination.


    New furniture. Local home improvement contractors. Utility service set-ups. Appliance deliveries. You name it! There are plenty of ways we can help make your transition run smoothly!

What you need to know about buying or selling a home

There are so many nuances to purchasing a home, that to describe it as an adventure is all to often a gross understatement!

We get it. You want to maximize every dollar retained when selling, and or capture every possible dollar saved when buying. Somewhere within the desire to “get what you want” is a well balanced experience, regardless of what side of the transaction you might be on at the time. Where our team at eighty8 realty excels, is helping guide you through every crucial decision that will ultimately get you closest to your best-case scenario, while heavily considering all the factors that can make, or break, the overall deal. Our track record proves our team is well experienced and equipped to close your transaction with as few delays, problems and drama as possible. We strive to exceed expectations at every turn!

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